The programme typically admits students in January.  The 2019 class schedule is available here.

Classes are held in Singapore during the day from 830am to 6pm. Each module is of 5 days duration - the first four days will be for classes/lectures, discussions, company visits, etc., and the last day will be kept for exams and/or presentations.  As there are 10 modules to be completed, the student will be attending 4 segments in total, 3 modules in segment 1 (15 days)  and  3 modules in segment 2 (15 days), 2 modules in segment 3 (10 days) and 2 modules in segment 4 (10 days). Each segment will typically start on a Saturday and end 10 or 15 days later. 
The class schedule is flexible such that one can plan his/her work, travel and personal plans around it. To minimise time away from work, classes are also held over the weekends (Sat & Sun) and over the public holidays.  The modular format allows the student to either enrol in all the modules that are offered within the segment or he/she can choose to enrol in just one/two module(s).

For students seeking to enrol in this programme, you will need to be able to take the necessary annual vacation leaves and/or time-off from work.  International students will have to fly in/out of Singapore to attend classes, on a business or social visit pass.  As such, in addition to the tuition fee, there will be additional expenses to be incurred, on your end, with regards to accommodation, meals and airfares. To facilitate your visa application (if needed) into Singapore, we will provide you with a letter to confirm your student status as well as the dates of the classes. 

The proposed format for the segments are as follows. Do note that this might change according to the faculty availability.

Segment 1 (January): (10 working days)


Segment 2 (March/April): (10 working days)


Segment 3 (July): (6 working days)


Segment 4 (November): (6 working days)

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